Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Praise the Young Mother

by Samantha Gouvan

Praise the young mother with the short brown hair
and the eyes that see her growing daughter.
Praise the young mother that sacrificed
her childhood early to raise her own.
Praise her for leaving an abusive home to move out
on her own and bring her daughter up the right way.
Praise her for giving her all,
and giving her daughter everything she needs.
Praise her for all those sleepless nights
and staying strong through everything.
Praise her for going to school every day,
trying so hard to get an education.
Praise her for being so mature at 17,
all grown, living for every day.
Praise her for being independent.
Praise her.

Samantha Gouvan lives in Holyoke with her fianc√© and daughter. She’s a proud mother working toward her GED. She wants to go to college to be a dental hygienist.

(Via The Mamafesto where you can find out more about supporting this amazing cause.)


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